new *petite* spaces

As a fashion and beauty blogger, I think you could say that I tend to like things that are aesthetically pleasing. Decor and interior design are no exception. As a renter, sometimes you have limited options in making the place your own. However with a little love and experimenting you can do a lot to really make it feel like YOU.

I love adding and changing things around in my apartment depending on my mood or the season. Here are some new spaces that I’ve rearranged recently…

by the doorOld hamper made into a table that holds coffee table books and things I need as I head out of my room/apartment: keys, umbrella, ipod…


mirrorMirror from TJMaxx which now holds some hats and sunglasses



Trying to maximize the space behind the flat screen on my bureau: lantern with a vanilla candle, fun sunglasses, phone, flowers and my jumbo jar of nail polish


shoes new

My vintage folding tray table is now near my bedside and has more coffee table books and fancy shoes…


bureau beauty

Re-organizing and some purging of beauty products, in attempt to streamline everything

****flowers vaseFlowers (fake) in mis-matching vases in the living room…


flowers and candles

Table of flowers/plants and candles (which DIY’d here)


elephantVintage elephant and cute lily of the valley bottles in the living room


cork heart

My failed DIY cork heart in our ‘wine hutch’ (it was supposed to look more like this)


I’ll probably do a lot more re-arranging and organizing when I do a big Spring clean-out in the next couple of weeks (hopefully)…


  1. I love this post, I’m always trying to re-arrange things into a more aesthetically pleasing manner and sometimes it’s a hit while a lot of the time it’s a miss lol.
    You have SO many beauty products lady! Love how functional you made things, especially with the mirror xo

    • Thanks – I know a lot of it’s trial and error! I’ve been living in the same place for almost 4 years and I’m still trying to make things more functional and pretty.
      And yes, my beauty product collection is absurd – it’s kind of a sickness – I need to get it under control!!!

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