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I’m no stranger to dry shampoo however, I have to say I’m not a particularly frequent user. True, I don’t wash my hair everyday (or I try not to), but its so thick and dry, I don’t really need to spritz on the dry shampoo to get rid of any grease. Last week I saw two posts online that changed my thinking about using dry shampoo. The first was an article on Byrdie about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s hair and what they do to get their now signature natural, bed head-y waves. Turns out that they tend to naturally dry their hair, they curl a few pieces and use Dove Dry Shampoo to amp up the volume and texture. I was intrigued. These multimillionaire  style icons’ hair secret lies in a drugstore cheapie? To  further convince me to pick up a bottle of Dove Dry Shampoo, I saw this tutorial from the ever beautiful Cara from Maskcara on how to get that messy, sexy bed head…

Instant Pick-me-up under $5

I pretty much bought a bottle of Dove Dry Shampoo right away and let me tell you, for under $5 this product is such a fabulous pick-me-up for lack luster hair! Since I air dry my hair (usually at night) it tends to be a flat in the morning. Now I just spray some dry shampoo every few layers and massage it in to give it some texture and volume. Then if I’m going out, I throw in a few curls and let the iron heat up while I’m washing my face and dabbing on concealer. Voila – volume, texture & beachy hair! If you’re all about embracing your natural texture (which is awesome especially in the Summer) or generally just want a little bit more volume or texture in your hair – seriously pick up Dove Dry Shampoo. Girls on a budget – you can’t beat that price!

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  1. I’ve never used dry shampoo before but I must say I’m kind of curious to try it now. And for under $5 it seems like a real bargain!

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