Summer Drink: The Flirtini Cocktail

Remember right after you graduated college and you thought your life was going to be like Sex and City? Yeah, me too. Anyway, that never happened – I think I can say with complete certainty – for the better, but I still love to watch those episodes over and over especially when my boyfriend goes out of town. He’s not really a fan, can’t imagine why. One of my favorite scenes is the end of Season 3 when the 4 girls are having a party/bbq on the roof of Samantha’s building in NYC. They’re laughing, having fun and drinking something called a Flirtini. Now, I’ve always wanted to make this cocktail but never have, and for that, I don’t know why. I decided to make it this past week as it sounded like such an amazing summer cocktail. Turns out, it is! There are quite a few different versions of the Flirtini cocktail online but I followed the recipe on PopSugar. With a combination of champagne, vodka and pineapple juice, it’s the ideal cocktail for a girls night or drinks by the pool!


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