Happy Birthday Nellie!

A year ago today we officially adopted Nellie and we truly can’t imagine life without this little munchkin! She lights up our life, has such a cute personality and shows us endless love. I wanted to spend a little bit more time on this post because she IS so special to me, but life is pretty crazy this week and I’d rather spend time with her (and Chris of course) than more time on my computer. So that being said, I thought I’d share a few facts and anecdotes about Nellie along with just a ton of photosĀ of her that I’ve accumulated over the last year. I mean, obviously I have a lot more – but I thought I’d try and spare you — a little šŸ™‚

  1. Nellie loves food.
  2. Nellie loves belly rubs.
  3. She always likes to find the coziest spot possible to curl up in.
  4. She loves to cuddle on her mom’s pillow when she’s not there.
  5. She loves to “rough house” with her dad.
  6. Like a true only child, she’s good at playing by herself – including playing fetch.
  7. She is extremely attached to herĀ parents and (probably overly) protective of her mom.
  8. When she gets really, really excited, she sneezes.
  9. When we sneeze or cough, she gets very concerned and comes over to cuddle, kiss and make sure we are ok.
  10. Nellie loves hanging out Papa’s Tacos for droppings – or really any mexican restaurant.
  11. She really loves the beach and running around in the sand…
  12. …but she hates theĀ ocean.
  13. She loves finding muscles on the beach.
  14. She loves chasing seagulls…also squirrels and bunnies – and flies
  15. She clicks her back heels together when she’s walking and super excited.
  16. She is very lick-y – like a cat which is part of the reason why we nicknamed her MeowMeow.
  17. She loves giving kisses and showing you love and affection.
  18. She’s an amazing traveler.
  19. She does not like the rain – or baths. Probably snow as well.
  20. She loves to sunbathe – like a true California dog.

Happy Birthday Nellie! We love you so, so much!