DIY Outdoor Patio Chairs | Weather proofing furniture

Now that we’re back from travel/wedding madness we’ve been working on our place some more and making a few more updates! Earlier on in the summer a neighbor who was moving out and gave us this awesome set of chairs (and side table). Initially when I saw them, I thought it was an outdoor furniture set however, they were not. I was determined to make them work at our place in some way! I devised a plan to weather-proof the wicker and then replace the worn out cushions with outdoor patio cushions but it wasn’t until last week, that we finally got around to it – and luckily it was right before the first “big” rain…I’m laughing as I write that…



Treating the chairs with a weather proofing spray, which I picked up from Home Depot was the easy part, but I initially struggled with the cushions. They are roughly 24″ x 24″ and 5″ thick and most of the cushions I looked at that were that large were crazy expensive. I then looked at just replacing the cushion cover with an outdoor cushion cover, but that seemed equally as expensive. I was pretty bummed until I realized that I could do the exact same thing with these cushions that I did with our breakfast nook! Because we already had the stuffing of the cushion, all we really needed was a board that was the same size or slightly smaller than the size of the cushion and then outdoor fabric to cover it and staple to the board.

Tutorial for no-sew cushions

Of course, like most of the project I do, there were a few snags – namely that we initially didn’t the right amount of fabric and the boards we got at Home Depot were too big. I ended up ordering the right amount of fabric online (which was super easy and there was a much larger selection) and then we used a little jigsaw that we had to shave an inch or so off the board.

**It must be noted that I live in Southern California where we really don’t have to deal with big rains, snow etc. We are planing to re-spray the chairs every few months. If you are attempting to do this project in a place where you have more extreme weather conditions, I would just make sure to factor that into your planning.


In the end, it was ultimately incredibly easy and inexpensive. I’d say the total for these two chairs (and table), including the weatherproofing spray was under $50. Probably the hardest part was deciding what kind of print or color fabric to cover the cushions with. We knew we wanted it to hide stains and I wanted it to be fun since it’s outdoor furniture. I also wanted a fabric that “went well” with where the chairs were on our patio, but Chris quickly debunked that reasoning saying that we should go with something that we’d love no matter where we end up living or moving in the future. Ah, the voice of reason. Even though we are going into “fall”, it’s pretty much endless summer in California so I decided to go with a very summer-y palm print fabric. You can see the before and after side by side below- I couldn’t be happier with the results!


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I hope you liked this DIY or found it helpful! I can’t wait to sit out here with Chris, Nellie and a glass of wine this weekend! You can follow more pictures and home updates on Instagram and with the tag #littlebeachcottage

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