Western Flare in Ojai

When in Ojai watching a horse competition, add a little western flare to your outfit… #amiright ? I am nothing if not always one to dress for an occasion and with everyone sporting their cowboy best, I knew I had… Continue Reading

Beauty Buzz: a Purple Hue

Not to beat you over the head with the whole Radiant Orchid thing, but adding a little of the purple-y hue into your beauty routine would be a great way to ease into the trend and also add a nice… Continue Reading

Zebra Print

I actually wore this outfit on Valentine’s day. I had worn most of my pink stuff throughout the week and I thought, I’d walk on the “wild” side. I saw this zebra print dress on sale on StyleMint and I… Continue Reading

Varsity Polka Dots & Stripes

I wore this outfit last week when I went to meet up with some San Diego bloggers at a pop shop event that my friend Heidi was hosting (check her out!). I was totally in the mood to be comfortable… Continue Reading

Beauty Buzz: January Round up

When I started 2014, I decided to go through and do a little make-up purge. When you start to see crusty and dried up products, it’s usually not something you want to slather on your face. Anyway, after going through… Continue Reading

Plaid & Leopard Part Deux

As you probably noticed, I’m a huge fan of the leopard and plaid combination! Before the heatwave hit, I wore my favorite plaid coat and leopard scarf. Alas, it’s been way too warm for a coat so I decided to… Continue Reading

white hot winter

So technically these are my Winter whites. It is winter. I’m wearing white. But we are also experiencing a major heatwave here in SoCal – I’m talking 80 degrees in mid-January. So clearly my cozy cream sweater would not do!… Continue Reading

black rose

 With the snow and cold hitting a lot of America pretty hard right now (and trust me, I remember North East Winters vividly), I’m especially grateful that I live in Southern California. It still shocks me every day though when I… Continue Reading

Wolf Prints

What to wear when it’s 77 degrees on January 2nd… why my wolf sweater of course! No, but really, I had no clue what to wear. I wanted to wear something that seemed a little ‘wintery’ so with the weather… Continue Reading